KG Industries Ltd.

725 BC-3, Cawston, BC V0X 1C3, Canada

About KG Industries Ltd.

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We Manufacture Specialty Axles

Manufacturing specialty heavy duty axles has been our niche for more than 30 years. While most companies focus on high-volume production of nearly identical axles, we can do the opposite.

We are able to focus on producing smaller volume, heavy-duty axles for specialized applications. While we have our staple Self-Steer, Force-Steer, and Off-Highway axles, we often work with companies on engineering axles for their specific needs. And even our standard heavy-duty over the road axles can be configured to a very high degree to work with various suspensions, brake sizes, single and dual wheels, and various load ratings.

KG Industries Ltd.

Our Address

725 BC-3, Cawston, BC V0X 1C3, Canada

Unparalleled Reliability And Easy Service

From the very beginning we have been dedicated to making the most reliable heavy duty axles possible. And that is one of the reasons we have been around for so long.

Quality And Attention To Detail

We manufacture many of our axle components right on site, giving us total quality control. We use premium quality components and check our axles for compliance at each step of the manufacturing process. Even the smallest details are not overlooked.

Dedicated Service

We are a family owned business, passed on from father to son. And we are a relatively small heavy duty axle manufacturer by global standards. But what we lack in size, we make up in service. Our staff, right across the board, are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service.

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